• Used for Sulfur dioxide removal
  • Simple operation requiring no chemicals
  • Seawater pH of 8.0-8.5 used for alkalinity instead of any chemicals
  • Ducon Q-pack packing provides high removal efficiency and low pressure drop
  • Ducon seawater FGD has the lowest power consumption.
  • No sludge; aerated water discharged to sea
  • Low investment cost and minimal controls


  • Requires only seawater and air.
  • No waste is formed, so no waste handling required.
  • No reagents or additional chemicals.
  • Has lower capital and operating costs than other types of FGD systems.
  • The absorbed SO2 is oxidized to harmless sulfate ion, a natural constituent of seawater.
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a seawater desulfurization system design drawing of an fgd system