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Dynamic Wet Scrubbers

TYPE UW-4 This Ducon Patented UW-4 Scrubber is used for particulate control and is a maintenance free unit, complete with integral wet fan, achieving high efficiency with medium pressure drop in applications involving heavy dust loads, and abrasive materials.



  • Pulp and Paper; Kraft Process
  • Black Liquor Recovery Boilers
  • Dissolving Tanks
  • Mining Plants: Particulate control
  • Lime Sludge Kilns
  • Carbon Black Plants
  • Fertilizer Plants
  • Paper Grinding
  • Pelletizing Operations
  • Sintering Plants
Engineering drawing of wet scrubber units

Advantages of UW-4

  • 99.9% particulate + collection efficiency in 1 to 2-micron range
  • Achieves 0.006 gr/SCFD outlet loadings
  • Low water rates (2 to 3 gal/1000 saturated acfm)
  • Ideal for combined gas absorption and particulate control
  • Integral self-cleaning wet fan
  • Low pressure drop
  • Rugged construction & maintenance-free
Wet scrubber units in an industrial plant

UW-3 Dynamic Scrubber

This compact, unitized scrubber with self-cleaning wet fan features high dust collection efficiency in minimum space with low water requirements. Rugged construction virtually eliminates maintenance problems.

Multivane Centrifugal Scrubber

The Multivane Centrifugal Scrubber is particularly suited for applications involving heavy dust loads and large particulate. This unit operates with centrifugal action between gas stream and liquid and can be designed with either spin vanes or spray manifolds for liquid distribution. High efficiencies are obtained for particles in the 1 to 8-micron range.

Engineering drawing of multivane centrifugal wet scrubber units