Dry Flue Gas Desulfurization (SDR) System

Ducon supplies Semi-Dry Removal (SDR) type Dry Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Systems as well as Dry Injection type systems. The SDR systems are custom designed to absorb gaseous pollutants utilizing a spray dryer and a baghouse filter. Ducon's specially designed air atomizing nozzles provide the liquid reagent slurry into the spray dryer for high efficiency removal of SO2, HCl, Mercury and other toxic components from flue gases. Ducon's SDR system provides very high on-line availability and low maintenance as compared to a rotary atomizer type of system.


Ducon provides Dry Injection Systems using lime, trona, activated carbon and other dry reagents to remove sulfur dioxide, dioxins, mercury, Hydrogen Chloride and fumes. The reagent is added in a recirculating type reactor with steam injection for higher absorption. The particulate is then recovered downstream using a bag house filter. Ducon's Dry Injection Systems are able to achieve over 90% SO2 removal efficiencies.

Ducon Dry Scrubber generates a dry waste product that can be easily disposed of with conventional fly ash handling equipment. Ducon provides complete turnkey systems for industrial and utility clients.

Dry flue gas desulfurization system example Dry flue gas desulfurization system example