The Ducon Dry FGD (Dry Sorbent Injection) is used to remove Sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, and other toxic components from flue gases by injecting dry lime, trona, or soda ash ahead of a ESP or baghouse. This is a low cost alterantive for applications that do not have high removal efficiency requirements. Ducon can also recover Mercury, Dioxins, and other heavy metals by injecting impregnated activated carbon.


  • Upto 80% SO2 removal
  • Dry waste product
  • Over 99.99% particulate removal
  • Also remove mercury, dioxins and metals
  • No Stack Plume
  • No sludge processing equipment

Ducon’s Semi-Dry (SDR) FGD system use its proprietary two-fluid nozzle DRX-25 to atomize lime feed slurry in a spray reactor. A SDR FGD system can provide upto 99% sulfur dioxide removal efficiency with comparable cost to a wet system; however producing a dry waste product which could be used in gypsum board manufacturing or fertilizer operations. Ducon provides either bag house filter or Electrostatic Precipitator for dust collection downstream. Ducon provides complete turn-key installations with all the required material handling systems.

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