5 Uses of Commercial Grade Gypsum Produced from a Limestone Wet FGD System

One of the additional benefits of using the Ducon Limestone FGD plant, besides removing contaminants and reducing air pollution, is the production of commercial grade gypsum which then can be sold to help offset the costs of running the plant.

Here are just a few uses of commercial grade gypsum:

Soil Additive for Farming

Many crops require gypsum to help counter alkalinity in the soil and make the soil more workable. Gypsum is also beneficial to plants that thrive with a lot of sulfate sulfur in the soil such as wheat, corn, cotton and peanuts.

Gypsum Board

Sheets of gypsum board, also known as drywall or sheetrock is a common final layer of construction for walls and ceilings.

Gypsum from a wet FGD system

Casts and Splints

Gypsum is a primary component in the plaster used for casts and splints for medical purposes.


Gypsum plaster is often used for molds for casting (such as making dental molds for teeth) and for modeling.

Gypsum Construction Blocks

Gypsum blocks are great for non-load bearing interior walls because it is light, fire resistant, and can be soundproofed just by adding insulation strips to all sides to connect partition walls to adjacent walls, as well as to the ceilings and floors. It is a good, lightweight substitute for concrete blocks.

Ready to Offset Your Wet FGD System Costs by Producing Commercial-Grade Gypsum?

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